Stereoscopic Trip to Asunción

This gallery show­cas­es some stere­os I took in the cap­i­tal city of Paraguay: Asun­ción. Stere­oscopy offers a whole new per­spec­tive to look at our sur­round­ings, in depth and in detail. These were tak­en with a smart­phone using the burst mode fea­ture to take sequen­tial Left and Right images. I hope you enjoy this lit­tle tour pf my hometown!

© 2022 Flo­ry García

Flory García (Asunción, Paraguay)

I’ve been pas­sion­ate about pho­tog­ra­phy for many years. How­ev­er, after dis­cov­er­ing the mag­ic of Stere­oscopy back in ear­ly 2019, the way I look at my sur­round­ings changed com­plete­ly. Inspired by Dr. Bri­an May’s life-long pas­sion for Stere­oscopy, and an ever-grow­ing glob­al com­mu­ni­ty of stereo­scopists, I began tak­ing my own stereo images. My favorite sub­jects in par­tic­u­lar are my home­town Asun­ción and nature. I take all my stere­os with a smart­phone and occa­sion­al­ly with my old yet trusty Nikon D5200 cam­era. It’s incred­i­ble how we’re able to immor­tal­ize spe­cial moments with just one click, but with two clicks, we can almost relive them, as well as the feel­ings we once expe­ri­enced! Mag­ic!

Insta­gram-pro­file: ilove80z