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The his­to­ry of stere­oscopy is longer than that of pho­tog­ra­phy and there are plen­ty of things to delight a collector’s heart. The fol­low­ing items belong to the Stere­oscopy Col­lec­tions Project launched by Pas­cal Mar­t­iné and André Ruiter. This part is curat­ed by Pas­cal Mar­t­iné and Mary Fri­argiu and rep­re­sents the first cen­tu­ry of stere­oscopy up to 1950, with a pref­er­ence for glass slides and their view­ing devices. They are such inge­nious and yet beau­ti­ful pieces of tech­nol­o­gy and art!

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Besides the infor­ma­tion about my col­lec­tion, many amaz­ing sto­ries about col­lect­ing and the his­to­ry of stere­oscopy can be found on this web­site. You can direct­ly access them via their cat­e­go­ry pages: 

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Two hand-held stere­o­scopes. On the left, the Vic­to­ri­an Expo­si­tion Opera Stere­o­scope, 1862, on the right, the French L’Iris Stéréo­scope, c. 1900.

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Glass stereo pho­to­graph of “Chateau de Rhe­in­stein”, Ger­many sold by Duboscq-Soleil, Paris c. 1860.