VSC Meeting Map

Set your marker

Ethermap is a ser­vice that lets you set mark­ers at spe­cif­ic loca­tions. It’s a fun and easy way to see where the VSC com­mu­ni­ty is locat­ed around the globe. To access today’s map, click on the map icon below. If you are new to our meet­ings, you can set a red mark­er, oth­er­wise choose blue. Today’s pre­sen­ters may use green.

!!!Unfor­tu­nate­ly ethermap cur­rent­ly has some tech­ni­cal issues, so there won’t be a meet­ing map today!!!

click here

Step by step guide

If this is your first time using Ethermap, read the fol­low­ing instructions:

1. Click on the search icon on the top left cor­ner of the map.

2. Search for your city.

3. Click on the red mark­er and set a new one with your first name. If you want, enter the cur­rent time under descrip­tion. If you are new to our meet­ings, please select the col­or red, oth­er­wise set a blue mark­er (or green if you are going to present today).

For your information:

  • You can always edit your mark­er later.
  • It might take a moment for the map to react. If it stays frozen, refresh the page.
  • The map will be delet­ed after the meeting.