Lakeside stereo photos from Norway and Sweden

As a Swede liv­ing in Nor­way, I am lucky to have two home coun­tries. I spend a lot of time at my sum­mer house in Swe­den. Luck­i­ly I live by lakes in both coun­tries, and I love to watch how the weath­er and sea­sons change the scenery by the lake­side. The long sum­mer nights, as well as the cold and snowy win­ters, offer plen­ty of inter­est­ing views. I try to cap­ture light, reflec­tions, plants and the mood in every season. 

© 2020 Elis­a­beth Frydenlund

Elisabeth Frydenlund (Hamar, Norway)

I think I shot my first stereo pair in 2015, post­ed it on Twit­ter, got a like from Dr. Bri­an May and was hooked! I am inspired by the work of Dr. May and his Lon­don Stereo­scop­ic Com­pa­ny. I do not own a stereo cam­era, so I use my iPhone X and the bril­liant i3DSteroid app devel­oped by Takashi Sek­i­tani. I edit my stere­os in the app and on IG. I’m still a rook­ie, but I lead a very busy life and my aim is to learn more about stere­oscopy in the years to come.

Insta­gram-pro­file: 3DbyElisa
Twit­ter pro­file: 3DbyElisa