Just flowers

Relat­ed arti­cle: Unique flo­ral photography

The stereo pairs in this gallery rep­re­sent Jane Sabini’s unique sig­na­ture style — specif­i­cal­ly flo­ral pho­tog­ra­phy with back­grounds removed. Every­one fol­low­ing the basic hash­tags about stere­oscopy on Insta­gram will sure­ly remem­ber hav­ing seen those beau­ti­ful blos­soms before. 

© 2020 Jane Sabini

Jane Sabini (Stamford, Connecticut, USA)

I have been explor­ing stereo-pho­tog­ra­phy and devel­op­ing my unique style for near­ly five years, orig­i­nal­ly inspired by the work of Dr. Bri­an May and his Lon­don Stereo­scop­ic Com­pa­ny. I do not own a stereo cam­era or dual rig, so all my stereo pairs are shot sequen­tial­ly, with what­ev­er cam­era I hap­pen to have avail­able in the moment: An iPhone 8, a Canon 40x opti­cal zoom point-and-shoot, or a Sony 5000.

Insta­gram-pro­file: lunawest