Lisbon in 3D — with lively depth

Dur­ing my flight to Madeira I was very lucky to have a whole day stopover in Lis­bon, which was the per­fect test for my new Smart­phone-Rig. It has proven itself to work well, cap­tur­ing even the liveli­est scenes with ease. Enjoy these six stere­os that would not have been pos­si­ble with­out this rig. Expe­ri­ence this beau­ti­ful and incred­i­bly alive city in 3‑D.

© 2023 Felix Schlicht

Felix Schlicht (München, Germany)

I start­ed tak­ing my own stereo­scop­ic images in mid-2020 when I first dis­cov­ered that free-view­ing stereo­scop­ic images is pos­si­ble. Since then, with every pho­to I take I always find an oppor­tu­ni­ty to take a sec­ond pho­to from a dif­fer­ent angle to cre­ate a stereo. While hik­ing I dis­cov­ered that increas­ing the dis­tance between the two images makes it pos­si­ble to see depth even in dis­tant objects like moun­tains, which oth­er­wise would have appeared flat. I use my Smart­phone Cam­era (Pix­el 4a) to take stere­os of just about any­thing, but my pre­ferred stereo sub­jects are moun­tains and land­scapes. I recent­ly acquired anoth­er Pix­el 4a to final­ly be able to cap­ture mov­ing scenes in stereo, which has opened many new pos­si­bil­i­ties for me.

Insta­gram-pro­file: fel.3d