Simultaneous nature photography

One of the advan­tages of liv­ing in Scot­land is that you are very nev­er far from a beau­ti­ful land­scape. Some of these stere­os were tak­en a short walk from my home and the oth­ers just a short jour­ney. It’s a reward in itself to cap­ture and share these inspir­ing land­scapes, allow­ing view­ers to sense that they are not sim­ply view­ing, but vis­it­ing beau­ti­ful Scotland!

© 2020 Graeme Barclay

Graeme Barclay (Edinburgh, Scotland)

At this point, I’ve been tak­ing dig­i­tal pho­tographs for a lit­tle over three years and stereo pho­tog­ra­phy for around six months. I’m employed with­in the finan­cial sec­tor but have had many years expe­ri­ence in hydraulic engi­neer­ing and over­com­ing tech­ni­cal issues.

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