Shafts of light

I’m for­tu­nate to be an ear­ly ris­er and love being in my favourite local places just as the sun ris­es.  When you’re there and move, the shafts of light move when you do; when viewed in 3‑D they seem to form an almost sol­id part of the scene. These were all tak­en sequentially. 

© 2020 Helen Bovill

Helen Bovill (Hull, UK)

I’ve lived in Hull, UK all my life and have been tak­ing stereo pho­tos since 2011, hav­ing been inspired to do so by Bri­an May’s first book on the sub­ject, ‘’A Vil­lage Lost and Found’’.  The main sub­jects of my stereo pho­tog­ra­phy are wildlife, nature and rock con­certs but since tak­ing up stereo pho­tog­ra­phy I have become more appre­cia­tive of archi­tec­ture and all its fine details that look so good when cap­tured in 3‑D.  Although I own a 3‑D cam­era, the Fuji W3, well over half my stereo pho­tos are tak­en sequen­tial­ly on either an iPhone7 or on one of my Canon cam­eras. 

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